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Massive Goal Fail and What I’ll Do Moving Forward
Today is a sad day. My goal to be fit in order to participate in the Men's Physique Competition this November,[...]
6 Medicine Ball Exercises that Builds Strength and Improve Performance
There are different exercise routines tailored for different purposes, most of which are usually achieving an even look and building[...]
5 Essential Tips to Help You Lose Fat
You slave at the gym by working-out so hard, lift various weights, sweat like a pig, run for miles in the[...]
6 Popular Drinks That Trigger Fat Loss And Muscle-Building
Protein drinks have been a popular staple in the body-building and athletic community for years. However, if you’re like me,[...]
The Road to My First “Men’s Physique” Competition – Week 1
Hello fellow Hard-Gainers! A week has quickly gone by and it’s time for the first progress report, in my quest[...]
The Road to My First “Men’s Physique” Competition – Day 0
Hello Hard-Gainers! Well, today marks the first day of my first ever, "Men's Physique" competition. This day has been a[...]

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