6 Medicine Ball Exercises that Builds Strength and Improve Performance

MedicineBallExercises-SupremeGains.comThere are different exercise routines tailored for different purposes, most of which are usually achieving an even look and building muscles. However, for people looking even and having optimal body performance, real power entails speed, strength, force and velocity. This is particularly achieved with medicine ball exercises as the medicine ball has physical benefits influenced by its geometric composition that allow diverse and even body exercising.

1) Exercise for the Lower Limbs

Owing to its ideal shape and weight, the medicine ball can be easily manipulated to strengthen and tone out the skeletal muscles in the legs, thighs and buttocks. This in turn enhances performance. To perform this exercise, ensure you have ample space and in a good condition to allow balancing. Hold the medicine ball and stand on your right leg. Bending the leg’s knee slightly, extend the left leg straight back and extend the ball in both your arms straight forward also. This will get you in an inclined position. Repeat this regularly with each leg till you feel the muscles tense a bit. Also, repeat this several days to ensure the effects last.

2) Exercise for the Shoulders and Arms

Medicine ball exercises are especially effective when it comes to toning and toughening arms and shoulders. The ideal exercise for this purpose may however be somewhat tricky, and just as with most other exercises, it requires balance.

Also, this exercise may also require that you incorporate a stability ball for balance. Lie on the stability ball with your face up, with the knees bent at a 900 angle. With the medicine ball held in one hand, extend both arms outward. Raise the ball to the ceiling, holding it with the other hand and extending the arms again. Repeat these several times and make it a regular routine and you are set to have strong and even arms in time.

3) Exercise for the General Body Core

While you may not feel it, the body core is also prone to fatigue, and as such, it is important to exercise it every once in a while. This exercise is simple and fast. For effectiveness, use a heavy medicine ball, depending on just what is “heavy enough” for you.

Stand on a flat surface with feet shoulder-width length apart. Bend your knees slightly and hold the medicine ball over your head using both hands. At this position, bend further at the hips but make sure not to arch the back. When in the right position, slam the ball gently to the floor a safe distance from you while trying not to bend your back. Repeat this several times.

4) Exercise for the Legs

Rejuvenating the legs and toughening the muscles gives you a spring to your step and an energetic approach to each day. It makes it especially easy to wade off the fatigue that comes with everyday work. To perform this exercise, stand on a flat surface. With the legs slightly apart, bend the knees slightly, holding the medicine ball firmly with both hands on your stomach. Lift the left leg of the ground, and while getting into a sitting position, extend it straight forward. Just as is the case when sitting, ensure your back is straight and your thighs parallel to the floor. Do this with each leg several times each day.

5) Medicine Ball Exercises for the Chest and Back

Among other equipment, you can easily incorporate the medicine ball into your routine push up exercises as it enhances stretching and strengthening of the muscles. It requires balancing, and the muscles in the shoulders and arms are strained trying to accomplish this, getting them in a better position in the long run.Assuming the normal push up position, place the medicine ball below your hand. Rest all your weight on it, aligning your body, spine and head to a straight inclined position. Bend your arms slowly, ensuring the elbows touch your sides and also maintaining your straight inclined position. Bend down slowly till you almost touch the ball and then push back up just as slowly.

6) Figure 8; and Engaging Medicine Ball Workout

Among other exercises ideal with the medicine ball, the figure 8 exercise is considered fun and quite beneficial. It’s somewhat similar to ribbon dancing only you have to put a little more effort into it, depending on the weight of your medicine ball.

Stand on a flat surface with feet shoulder-width apart. Hold the medicine ball with both hands on your stomach. Extend it to one side of the body stretching both arms fully. Rotate the medicine ball to go over your head and back to its original position without breaking direction, rotate it down to your feet forming a figure eight position. This will help toughen the muscles in your arms, back and abdomen.

In Conclusion

The convenience in incorporating medicine ball exercises to your daily workout routine, is that they don’t take much time or space to perform, and as such, can be easily performed at home and at your ideal time. To ensure efficiency, buy a medicine ball that takes some effort on your part so that your muscles can strain and hence grow.

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