6 Popular Drinks That Trigger Fat Loss And Muscle-Building

6populardrinksthattriggerfatlossandmusclebuildingProtein drinks have been a popular staple in the body-building and athletic community for years. However, if you’re like me, it can be difficult to deal with the after taste and financial responsibilities associated with these types of supplements.

Don’t get me wrong, when taken smartly, protein drinks do aide with fat loss and muscle development.

However, don’t sell yourself short by drinking just one product. It’s not a magic pill and there are other natural options out there. Especially if you’re very active, you need the right drinks at the right amounts to aide in your recovery, muscle-building and fat loss processes. More than likely, you’ve either pass them by or already bought them in supermarkets.

Here are six common drinks you probably didn’t know, can do more than just hydrate you and satisfy your taste buds:

1) Drink Homemade Juice

supremegains.com-homemade juicesupremegains.com-homemade juiceInvesting in a juicer may not be one of your priorities, especially if it just takes up space and burns a hole in your wallet. But owning a juicer has lasting benefits.

Juicing your own veggies and fruits, provides your body with disease-fighting antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. It’s so much better than drinking store-bought juices because contrary to popular belief, they contain an exuberant amount of sugar and unhealthy additives to keep them fresh.

Don’t know about you, but that’s not something I want to add in my body.

2) Drink a Glass of Red Wine Once a Day

supremegains.com-red wineBefore you get too excited, notice my emphasis on “once a day.” You and I know that alcohol doesn’t do a body good, especially if you’re in a weight-loss program. If anything, it adds empty calories and stores fat like no other—hence the term “beer belly,” if you’re the type who likes the occasional “cold one.”

Red wine, however, is not the same. Yes it contains alcohol and yes, it can add the pounds if you over-indulge. That’s why you need to limit the number of drinks to once a day, considering the side-effects it can still cause to you.

Why Red?

Red wine is my recommendation because this type of wine provides your body with necessary antioxidants that increases the “good” cholesterol that helps prevent heart disease.

3) Drink Any Type of Tea

supremegains.com-herbal teaBillions of people in China can’t be wrong.

Ever notice how a lot of Asians (and I’m not discriminating) look younger than they really are and live longer lives?

There are a number of reasons for this, but one of the biggest is including tea to their daily diet. It doesn’t matter what herbal tea, whether green, black, white, or purple (is there such a thing?).

They’re all good for you.

Just keep away from adding sugar and opt for using honey instead (due to its natural ingredients). If that doesn’t bode well for you, a lot of herbal teas in the market come flavored also, so that can be another alternative. But try to get used to the natural ones instead.

4) Drink a Nice Hot Cup of Java

supremegains.com-coffeeAlthough drinking coffee doesn’t have any aging benefits, the caffeine ingredient is a viable source for energy and it also increases thermogenic properties. As a result, you’ll be rewarded with an increase in fat-burning capabilities. Caffeine also enhances cardiovascular performance.

The only stipulation is to only drink coffee black. I know, I know, a bitter drink is not a drink at all. But if you add the sugar, and especially the cream, you’ve just lost what is a key ingredient in promoting fat loss. Instead, you’ve just promoted fat gain. Sorry Starbucks fans and their “special” drinks. Those alone has enough calories to replace a meal – which isn’t a healthy one anyway.

If you need Starbucks, either drink their regular or “Americano,” black.

5) Drink Chocolate Milk After Exercise

supremegains.com-chocolate milkWhat used to be considered a red flag is now an excellent source for a post-workout supplement. As I mentioned earlier, if you’re tired of the after taste that a protein shake gives you, chocolate milk is a wonderful alternative.

During Arnold’s days, bodybuilders used to drink copious amounts of chocolate milk. But you don’t have to mimic them. Just know that it is an alternative, should you get bored with protein supplements.

I mean, unless you’re lactose intolerant, who doesn’t like chocolate milk anyway?

It has the right amounts of protein- carb-fat ratio. Just ensure you drink this after your workout, because it’s just what you need to repair those hard-earned muscles. Ingesting anything dairy-related before exercise can cause upset stomach. You won’t be thanking me if that happens to you.

6) Drink 13 Cups of Lemon Water a Day

supremegains.com-lemon watersupremegains.com-lemon waterAh, here’s a little twist to the actual school-of-thought of drinking eight cups of water a day. Not only do I recommended you drink more liquids daily, but you should add a slice of lemon to every glass.

First of all, if drinking 13 glasses a day seem insane to you, don’t freak-out because that includes the liquids found in veggies and fruit. Assuming you already added produce to your diet anyway, you can actually get away with drinking just eight.

Furthermore, adding the lemon wedge increases your metabolism and adds taste to your drink as well.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it. Six popular drinks you see in the market every day, some of which you probably passed, but are all beneficial to your health and workout routines nonetheless.

Just like with anything you take, do so in moderation; but do add these drinks to your diet strategies as well. The ingredients found in these tasteful drinks are not only beneficial to your health, but also burns that unsightly lard resting around your midsection, in order to reveal those sexy abs.

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