The Road to My First “Men’s Physique” Competition – Day 0

SupremeGains-Day0Hello Hard-Gainers!

Well, today marks the first day of my first ever, “Men’s Physique” competition. This day has been a long time coming and I finally got the nerve and motivation to work towards this goal.

For those who don’t know, this type of competition differs from a bodybuilding one, like Mr. Olympia, in that it’s more on the “look” than it is on size or muscle definition.

I’m not saying one who’s ripped to shreds shouldn’t compete in a “Men’s Physique,” but I have seen those place higher with a “smoother” look and smaller muscles, than one who is more vascular, with visible muscle striations all over the body.

What is Day 0?

So, I decided to start this series/journey to lose fat and build muscle for the competition on “day 0.” In other words, it’s the preparatory stage prior to actually starting my program. This is where I formulate my workout and nutrition plan, do the research, and prepare my mind to ensure I stay the course.

Years past have proven that I’m very good at starting something, than finishing something. As I mentioned earlier, going on stage to compete was a goal of mine for years – one definitely to add in my “bucket list.” Whether I finish in the top 3 or not, it doesn’t matter as long as I gain the experience and more importantly, get back in shape.

I needed a way to keep myself accountable and what better way to do so, than to share my progress with you all. Furthermore, I want my journey to inspire those who struggle to get in shape. You don’t necessarily have to compete, but just building muscle or losing that stubborn body fat, can be enough to change your life for the better. So I encourage you to follow along with me throughout this journey.

What Now?

Since this is my first post, I’m keeping it short on purpose. I just wanted to drop my first “hello” and give you a brief preview of what I intend to do for this blog.

For Series posts like these, I don’t plan on publishing daily, rather, I’ll showcase my progress on a weekly basis. These posts will cover my past week’s accounts, therefore, expect in-depth and lengthy content – you may want to grab a cup of coffee while you read them.  =)

Other posts related to fitness and nutrition will be published sporadically in between as well, since I’m sure to discover new tips and tricks along the way that can be helpful to you guys.

Since this blog is in the “baby stages,” I intend to keep it simple and personal. I have so many ideas for the blog, but I don’t want to lose focus on the end-goal – which is to get back in shape, compete, and share my experience along the way as inspiration.

Your Turn

I would love to hear back from you in the comment section below. What brings you here? Do you share the same goals? Do you have other ideas for the blog? Let me know!


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I'm on a mission to transform my body to compete in my first-ever, "Men's Physique" competition. I also want to help you lose fat and build muscle, using everything I've learned and experienced along the way. Join me in this journey so we all can create Supreme Gains!

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